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Customer Journey for Marketplace Owners

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After completing the connection process of your marketplace stores to Navlungo in accordance with the setup instructions, your future Shopify and WooCommerce orders will instantly flow into your Navlungo panel. In order to see your Etsy, Ebay, and Wish orders; you should click on the “Update Orders” button on the top left corner.

Step 1: On the Navlungo panel, navigate to the “My Integrations” tab and click on “My Orders”. You will see marketplace orders on this screen.

Before getting a cargo offer, you should resolve the validations seen above the order by filling in the GTIP code of your product and the consignment price.

Step 2: Open the dropdown menu and click on the “Edit Selected Products” button. After providing these two pieces of information, click on “Edit”. Now you can proceed to get a cargo offer.

P.S: You can also update the sender and receiver information on this screen. Remember that sender information is also accepted as your billing information.

Step 3: Click on the green “Get Offer” button. On this screen you should fill out the necessary information regarding your package. The package type, count, weight, and dimensions should be entered here.

Step 4: After adding your package information, we search for the most suitable cargo offers and show you a list of them. You can select the best option for you by seeing and evaluating the estimated arrival time, service type and price.

Step 5: After you click on “Select Offer” and “Approve” buttons respectively, select your shipping reason on the upcoming pop-up whether it is a gift, sample, sale or micro export. Lastly, click on “Confirm Agreements”.

You have successfully created your shipping demand!

Step 6: You can send your package to the Navlungo warehouse either with our contracted cargo companies or by requesting a pickup from your house.

Step 7: How can you make your payment? On the “My Shipments” tab, choose your shipments which are pending payment and click on the “Pay chosen” button on the bottom right corner. You can complete your payment via credit card or by money transfer.

Step 8: On the “My Orders” tab, you can see your orders with their tracking numbers. By clicking on the button next to the tracking number, it will sync with your order in the marketplace, as well.

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